Christian Patat

Christian was born into the wine world, thanks to a talented father with a gift for discovering small wine producers and great restaurants. He grew up surrounded by great bottles from Italy and France and after his (interrupted) degree in Philosophy, he started to work bringing great but unknown wines to the best restaurants in Italy.

He later worked patiently importing wines from numerous producers in primarily in Burgundy, the Loire, the Rhone, Spain and Portugal.

Today he works as a consultant for a number of Italian importers, but spends most of his time promoting and selling the wines of his native Friuli in the international market, whilst not forgetting his ongoing passion for Nebbiolo.

His primary mission is to bring the diverse terroirs of Friuli's wines to the attention of the wine world, helping consolidate the reputation of the most sincere and passionate producers.

The constant thread throughout his career has been an untiring search for and a rare understanding of what makes wine great, and the producers who share that secret.

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Christian Patat
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