About us

We represent an exclusive portfolio of small, independent Italian wine estates, all producing unique wines of exceptional quality, mostly made from indigenous Italian grapes. The majority of these estates are family-run, all of them produce no more than 10,000 cases per annum (on average around 3-4,000) and are committed to maintaining distinction and quality that you’ll rarely find in today’s market.

We provide the link between these quality-focused estates and traders who are looking for great wines at realistic prices and want to build up their unique Italian wine selection. You can either choose wines from our existing portfolio, or we can find new estates if you are looking for something specific.

Essentially we can offer you a tailored Estate Selection and Management Service with the following benefits:

  • exclusive access to Italian wines of exceptional quality
  • ensure and maintain consistently high levels of quality, protecting your investment
  • an end to investing time and resources in estates that are unable to produce wines of a consistent quality
  • negotiate agreements, pricing structure and specific wine blends with the estates
  • manage the relationship with the estate
  • blend wines on demand
  • attending your tastings and promotional events 
  • up-to-date and relevant information on the winery

If you’re looking for a unique, authentic selection of Italian wines and want to offer something different from the usual lists of well known names, if you need a reliable partner in Italy to maintain relationships with the producers and ensure a consistently high level of quality year by year, we would be delighted to meet you, tell you more about the work we do, the estates we work with and give you an opportunity to taste some of the fantastic wines we have available.


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