Pardi, Umbria

The Estate

From 1919 to 1945  the brothers Alberto, Alfredo and Francesco Pardi worked the grapes of their family vineyards by hand on the ground floor of the stately building of San Francesco in Montefalco.
The Bianco, Rosso and Sagrantino Passito wines produced in the historical winery were marketed all over Umbria, and the most prestigious buyer was the Vatican.
Since 2002 their great-grandsons Francesco, Gianluca Rio and Alberto Mario Pardi have been reviving their great-grandfathers’ winery.


A good wine is the combination of tradition and terroir. To free Sagrantino from its tannin cage is the best way to express this combination

The People

Pardi family is one of the most important fine fabrics and linens producers in Umbria. Alberto Pardi is moved by a true, genuine passions for fine wines and drives his estate with devotion and concreteness


Rosso Rosso di Montefalco 2013
Sagrantino Sagrantino di Montefalco Docg 2010