The Estate

Founded in 2008, it consists of about 4 hectares of Sangiovese at 450-500 meters above sea level, just 2 kms south west of Montalcino. The soil is galestro (a kind of stony clay very common in this area of Toscana) rich in minerals like quartz, silicates and poor in loose soil.


A good wine is the combination of place and local culture; it must enhance the character arising from the interaction between vines and soil. Consequently the soil has to be managed carefully in order to keep it "alive" and active.

The People

Gaetano Salvioni has studied fine arts in Florence and once he got his diploma he realized that he would have gained little income as an artist; thus he opened a small shop of electronics in Montalcino, but he never stopped to work a small piece of land – in the weekends - just for the sake of pleasure.





Gaetano's wines are fresh, finely knit with an intriguing red fruits / sanguine orange expression and remarkable depth.

Fabio Zanzucchi