Calafè, Campania

The Estate

Calafè has been founded in 1999. The first plantations have been made by grafting shoots coming from the best and oldest vineyards of the appellation. Recently the estate has rented some old vineyards in the area of Taurasi Docg, thus from vintage 2006 (available from March 2010) the estate will also release a Taurasi Docg. Soils are made mostly of volcanic tuff and clay with a significative limestones component; the soil of Greco vineyards also contains sulph which makes his bouquet so distinctive.


each place has is own character; the duty of the winemaker is to let the place talk in the glass

The People

Benito Petrillo is a publisher with a great passion for fine wines and food. He has hired one of the most promizing and talented winemaker of Campania, Fortunato Sebastiano who follows every single detail in the vineyards and in the cellar with unreproduceable care.


Ariavecchia Greco di Tufo Docg 2009
Campi Taurasini Irpinia Doc 2011
Greco di Tufo Greco di Tufo Docg 2012
Hellenicum Campania Igt 2011
Taurasi Taurasi Docg 2008