Monteforche, Veneto

The Estate

This tiny estate owns his vineyards in one of the best plot of Colli Euganei (south-west of Padova, northern Italy). Colli Euganei is certainly not a popular appellation, but is one of the best place to grow vines in Italy. The volcanic soils with marls and limestone, the good areation (mild constant winds) and average rains make this place extremely appropriate for wine. Particularly, the Vo area (western slopes of mount Venda) is the cooler and fresher of the whole appellation, giving finesse and balance. Biodynamic farming


The sole thing that make a producer different is the place where he grows the vines. Wine must express the aromas that result from the interaction between grape variety and place. Beside soil and micro climate, a place is characterized also by flora and fauna, like the native yeasts that grow on the grape skins. That’s the reason why the vineyards are cultivated without any chemicals and the wines are made without selected yeasts and any kind of biotechnology.

The People

Alfono Soranzo is a horn player (diploma in Padova School of Music), but some 5 years ago he decided to leave the music to devote - body and soul - to the viticulture. Helped by his father in the vineyards, he personally follow all the cellar operations.


Cabernet Franc Rosso del Veneto Igt 2015
Cassiara Bianco del Veneto Igt 2016
Vigna del Vento Rosso del Veneto Igt 2015