Renato Fenocchio, Piemonte

The Estate

The Fenocchio family is involved in winemaking since the early decades of 19th century, when they moved from Monforte d'Alba. The estate has about 11 hectares spread amongst the major crus of Barbaresco, Neive and Treiso, with soils ranging from the argilo-calcaire of Barbaresco to the grey-blue sandstones of Neive


The basic idea is to follow traditional methods, minimizing technical interventions and avoiding filtrations. Trying to enhance the magic character of the estate's crus.

The People

Renato has been cellar master in a major estate in Barbaresco until 1993 when together with his wife Milva decided to take care of the family vineyards and start bottling their wines. The first vintage was 2000. Renato and Milva Fenocchio spend much of their time in the vineyards.


Barbaresco Barbaresco Docg 2014