Ciolli, Lazio

The Estate

This estate has born to new life when Damiano Ciolli in 2001 decided to take care of the production helping his father Costantino. The Ciolli family has been producing wines from at least 5 generations, and Damiano’s tenacity and boldness has given rise to wines that, without loosing their roots, enhance the aromatic character of the Cesanese d’Affile a native red grape which has been always cultivated in this area.

Damiano owns 6 ha of Cesanese d’Affile (part of which are 50 years old), planted on mild volcanic hills close to the village of Olevano Romano, 40 km east of Rome, at an altitude of about 400 meters.


A good wine is the combination of heritage, grapes and terroir. Damiano wants his wines to express the aromatic character that arise from the interaction between grape and terroir, without loosing the “memory” of tradition.

The People

Damiano manage both cellar and vineyards operations, and is helped by seasonal workers when the time comes for pruning, thinning, green harvest and harvest.


Cirsium Cesanese di Olevano Romano Riserva Doc 2014
Silene Cesanese di Olevano Romano Superiore Doc 2016